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Coffee and a Mike

Apr 30, 2024

LTC Steven Murray is a former Information Warfare Officer and Cyber Defense Battalion Commander. On the podcast he talks how Arizona will continue to turn blue, not having confidence that a 2024 election will occur, what we as individuals can do to best prepare, and much more.  PLEASE SUBSCRIBE LIKE AND SHARE THIS...

Apr 29, 2024

Jacob Dreizin is a blogger and owner of “The Dreizin Report.” On the podcast he talks how Trump is not MAGA anymore, how the Fed can print money forever, telegram, Argentina, Italy, El Salvador and much more. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE LIKE AND SHARE THIS PODCAST!!!


Video Version of Show

Apr 27, 2024

Dr. Li-Meng Yan is a PhD virologist, immunologist, independent coronavirus expert and MD. On the podcast she talks the YouTube video “Select Committee Investigates: The CCP's Role in the Fentanyl Crisis,” China’s goal with the black market, World Health Organization, Taiwan and much more. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE LIKE AND...

Apr 27, 2024

Tim Pickles has a degree in international economics and owner of “The Pickled Blog.” He talks how the world is overpopulated, what he thinks may occur, lack of optimism for the future and much more. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE LIKE AND SHARE THIS PODCAST!!!  


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Apr 26, 2024

Lafayette Lee, is a land-poor, riches-to-rags, gentleman snarker hiding out in a Southern backwater and contributing editor at IM—1776, a magazine of cultural and sociopolitical analysis. We discuss where things are at politically, education system, how to make an impact in your community and much more. PLEASE...